Health Harming Industries

Webinar Information:

This presentation will explore the commercial determinants of health highlighting the problems of non communicable diseases (NCD) in the 21st century, the marketing and lobbying practices of health harming industries and policy solutions to address these health epidemics including taxation and labeling. 

Public Health Perspectives is a free online webinar series designed to showcase programs impacting public health. PHP discusses program design, lessons learned, and creative solutions with public health professionals around the nation. Each PHP webinar takes approximately 1-hour to complete. 

PHP Webinars are hosted live on the second Friday of each month at 10am PST.  

To join the live session, please enroll in the course before 10am PST on the day of the webinar. All PHP sessions are recorded. If you enroll after the live webinar session has ended, the course will contain a video recording of the live session you can watch instead. Please note, it may take up to one month for the recording to become available.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to

1. Explore the severity of the non-communicable disease (NCD) epidemic in the 21st century 

2. Understand various factors that determine health, including biological, behavioral, social, political, and commercial determinant factors 

3. Examine health harming industry marketing and lobbying practices

4. Analyze best practices in terms of regulating industry practices to combat theNCD epidemic 

Target Audience:

  • Public health professionals
  • Community members 
  • Students

Duration: ~ 1 hour 

Continuing Education: N/A

Author: Eric Crosbie, PhD, MA

Course Content

  • 01

    Public Health Perspectives Webinar Series

    • PHP Webinar Welcome

    • Webinar Description and Presenter Bios

    • Webinar Replay

    • Course Evaluation

    • Save the Date for Next Month's PHP

  • 02

    Discussion Board

    • Optional Discussion Board